Cards Against Anthropology is a shameles rip off of the game Cards Against Humanity.  If you are unfamiliar with the game Cards Against Humanity please navigate to their website to understand the original game that this is based on: Cards Against Humanity


I challenged students in an introductory anthropology course to develop games based on ethical challenges that anthropologists often find themselves in while conducting fieldwork.  Using a series of articles on ethics created by the American Anthropological Association, students created a number of games including Cards Against Anthropology.  The history of anthropology is marked by a number of classic ethical dilemmas that challenge practitiioners but also inform research and ethnography.  You will see in the question and answer cards in this game kit a reflection of a students initial engagement with the field.  Some are serious, and some are just for fun (don't forget games are supposed to be fun!)


The purpose of this game is to put students in the ethical position of asking themselves and their colleagues, "What would they do?" in certain tricky situations that they may face during research in a fun class activity.


How to use this in a class?  The most productive way I have used this in my classes is to divide students into groups of five and let them play the game.  One person handles the question card, the others submit their 'best' answers each round.  (Laughter and frivolity ensues).  The class then comes together to talk about fieldwork and ethics using the game as a means to elicit and spark conversation.  The game kit available on this site is basic.  We often develop more questions and answers based on readings in that course or new ethnographies we are working through to supplement the basic game kit.  


My hope is that colleagues will use the basic game kit in their courses but also supplement the game in the same fashion and (ethically) share those supplemental materials with me and the hopeful community that uses this game by using the contact form to send me what you have done.  I will then continue to build the game kit with your contributions through the More Cards and Community blog on this site.


IMPORTANT!  If you are having dreams of monetizing this game stop now.  Just like Cards Against Humanity, Cards Against Anthropology operates under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 license. That means you can use, remix, and share the game for free, but you can’t sell it without the permission of Cards Against Humanity.  Also, that is really against the point and is ethically problematic so don't do it!


Use the downloads page to find Cards Against Anthropology and start having fun and follow me on twitter (@anthrocards) and share your images and cards as you play!

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